Individual Therapy

 Therapy feels safe and healing when you add EFT tapping

You deserve dignity and compassion 

Asking for help is a big step. You know the difficult journey you’ve been on and it’s not easy to relive the most painful parts. I am sensitive and empathetic to your pain. I want to help you get to the other side as easily and quickly as possible. It would be easier to keep brushing it under the rug forever. Unfortunately, you always know it’s there. You have to see the dirt in order to clean it up. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. The longer we dwell on the negative and assign blame or regret, the more we lock it in place and suffer. 


One of the cornerstones of EFT tapping is self-compassion. With every setup phrase, we utter the words, “I deeply and completely accept myself.” That is the most emotional part of the process. We are so quick to shame and blame ourselves for anything that doesn’t go well in our life. We don’t yet see the big picture. When we are in the muck we can’t see that this experience was meant to be. We can’t see the lessons or the blessings. The best thing we can hope for is to just get through it.

Talk therapy with EFT tapping relieves the stress and emotional impact of the event. There are several techniques that are used to create separation and objectivity. We start to see the events for what they are. We unravel the interconnection with who we are. It is as if the event happened to someone else. Is it not easier to see the solutions to other people’s problems than our own? Is it not easier to have compassion for someone else than it is for ourselves? This is why emotional freedom technique is such a valuable tool in therapy. You feel safe during the process and you access resources to solve your own problems in ways no one else would have thought of. Your higher self becomes your therapist. What more could you ask for?

A mind that is free of self-concern becomes a heart that is open to all possibilities 

Matt Kahn

Don’t believe everything you tell yourself because most of it is not true


“You have been taught that there is something wrong with you and you are imperfect, but there isn’t and you’re not.”

Cheri Huber


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