Emotional Freedom Technique

Basic EFT

EFT (or tapping) is a healing technique that effectively reduces cortisol and other stress hormones. Tapping on specific spots, mostly on the face gently stimulates meridians endpoints (as in acupuncture without the needles). All living things are alive because there is an energy system running through and around the physical body. This energy system also connects to organs where different emotions are said to be stored.

We know from Chinese medicine and practices such as tai chi, Qigong, and pranic healing, that energy is meant to flow for optimum health. When people experience stress, the stress can cause blockages in the energy system. This prevents some areas of the body from getting fresh life force energy, or chi. Those areas can become painful and even diseased. This is probably one reason why stress can lead to so many physical ailments.

EFT Tapping clears blocked energy by tapping on specific points while focusing on the emotional or physical disturbance and saying reminder phrases. In this way, the body can return to a healthier state. When the body and mind feels calm and relaxed, the person gets clarity and is better able to solve problems.

EFT tapping is a self-administered practice. People of all ages can learn EFT and use it to quickly relieve strong emotions and pain.

Matrix Reimprinting

Do you have at least one experience from the past that you wish were different? Do you feel defined by the outcome of that event?

Human beings are the product of not only the experiences they’ve had over the years, but also how those experiences are interpreted. Every impactful experience leaves an imprint. In addition to emotional feelings and bodily sensations, there is also a tendency for the mind to say, “This means I’m…” Usually that self-proclamation is very negative and persistent.

Many people fail to realize that when a five year old has an experience, she also understands and processes that experience with the mind of a five year old. A child’s level of awareness and understanding is very different from that of an adult.

Very often, we start believing things about ourselves from an early age that we think are facts. Over time they become “limiting beliefs.” In addition, coping skills that may have been created to stay safe in the moment might have worked well for a child but they do not work for an adult. Now it is a pattern that feels impossible to change.

Matrix reimprinting was born when an EFT practitioner named Karl Dawson was working with a client. They were doing inner child work regarding an incident that occurred when the client was about 5 years old. Karl asked his client if she could see her younger self. She replied, “I can see her so clearly that I could tap on her.” Karl suggested that she try tapping on the little girl while he tapped on his client. The results were extraordinary. Karl outlined the process and tried it on other clients. He continued to get excellent results.

When I learned the Matrix reimprinting technique it reminded me of the movie, “Back to the Future.” One important shift in the past can have a ripple effect all the way to the present and into the future.


quantum EFT for the soul

Do you ever feel like you have irrational fears or limitations? Do you have chronic pain that doesn’t seem to be helped (or even diagnosed) with modern medicine? Do you seem to have a repetitive pattern in romantic relationships that you’d like to change? Do you get the feeling that your life is influenced by vague memories of past lives?

If so, quantum EFT for the soul may help you get to the bottom of it. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) helps the energy body recognize and release trapped emotions. As you focus on your emotions or bodily sensations and tap on the meridian end points, you relax the nervous system and bring clarity and understanding to the situation. Healing is most effective when you access the original traumatic event. Sometimes the original event occurred in a past lifetime. The details of the event are vague or unknown but the emotions and the coping patterns get stored in your being. These patterns or physical manifestations adversely affect your current life.

In the spirit world there is no time or space. The soul lives on for millennia. The soul is incarnated over and over in many different forms and in different worlds. Imprints of past lives are stored, not only in the Akashic records but also in unmapped parts of the human DNA. While under a deep state of hypnosis called the super conscious, people have been able to see, feel or recollect past lives. (Sometimes children have spontaneous memories of past lives, possibly because children’s brain waves are frequently in theta which is a state of hypnosis). It’s probable that many beings in our past incarnations have experienced severe trauma either during the life itself or at the time of death. These traumas can be so intense that it leaves residual fears or irrational behaviors in the person that cannot be accounted for by examining any part of the person’s current life.

Quantum EFT attempts to clear out traumas from past lives by focusing on the present day symptoms or emotions and welcoming clarity. This process allows the subconscious to do its own excavation of past lives and clear them out for the client’s highest good. I was trained in this fascinating process, “Quantum EFT for the Soul and Mining the Akash” by the Australian founder, Jenny Johnston.

Tapping into wealth

Are you the type of person who can never seem to save money no matter how much you earn?

Or perhaps you have a pattern of boom and bust, You make a lot of money then a series of inexplicable events causes you to lose it all.

We all have a money story as well as a personal and unique relationship with money. Money is a powerful energy force that can impact a person’s personality and behavior in a number of ways. Our attitude towards money is one of the biggest factors that impact our prosperity. It is more important than innate abilities or training. Money is connected to security and safety which is a basic need. So money can spur strong emotions in people that originate in the root chakra. The way we respond to money can feel like life or death situations.

As a certified tapping into wealth coach, I use visualization processes to help uncover money blocks and then we use tapping to reduce shame and encourage compassion and understanding. These processes can completely shift your relationship with money and bring more abundance into your life.

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