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To achieve optimal health it is important to allow the body, mind and soul to heal. The root cause of many physical ailments comes from underlying painful or negative emotions. The past events that lead to the traumas caused a disruption in your body’s energy system. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) stimulates the meridian points so that the body can naturally allow the energy to flow and become balanced.  It works much like acupuncture without the needles. Clearing the energy can relieve problems with stress management, anger management, communication problems, attachment issues, phobias, and much more. EFT works because it counteracts stress-inducing symptoms. It lowers cortisol and other stress hormones. It’s always better to express emotions rather than keeping them bottled up. Talk therapy combined with tapping helps you feel safe and relaxed allowing barriers to fall away and clarity to emerge.

Every person is different and we all experience emotions and pain differently. Negative emotions lead to pessimistic thinking which leads to more sadness. This negative cycle can block your flow of energy leaving you feeling helpless and empty inside. Here, you will feel accepted and nurtured as you explore feeling that you may have been trying to bury or ignore. This process is all about self-compassion and inner strength which we all have. When you experience talk therapy with EFT tapping, you will heal faster and feel safer than you ever imagined.

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Don’t waste another day feeling sad and confused. Therapy combined with Tapping feels safe and comforting. It’s all about self-acceptance.

Couple Therapy

Couples Therapy

Too many couples wait till it’s too late before they seek help. Don’t be a statistic. Counseling with EFT helps partners tune into each other’s emotions and energy. They can feel each other on a deep level.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Staying connected as a family seems harder than ever these days but it can be done. I provide in-home family therapy in the Newtown, PA area. We can also work together on line.
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Hi, I’m Delia

I have always appreciated the value of a happy family life so I was thrilled when I earned my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). While working in outpatient clinics and as a family-based therapist I realized that many behaviors seem subconscious and problems have deep emotional roots. Talk therapy alone was not equipped to solve these problems so I decided to learn more about the subconscious.

I started by getting certified in hypnosis. While studying hypnosis, I learned about EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping). EFT was the best of both worlds. It seems to access the subconscious mind without the stigma or concerns of being in a hypnotic state. I set out to learn as much as I could about EFT and I eventually became certified as a master EFT practitioner.




Talk N Tap: Spiritual Awakening for Your Soul

EFT puts the client in such a relaxed state that it has the added benefit of accessing the sub-conscious mind. The results are similar to being in a hypnotic trance. Sometimes a person heals their stress, anxiety, depression and phobias and afterwards they don’t even remember even having the problems in the first place. As a certified EFT therapist in Newtown, PA, Delia can use specialized techniques such as “Matrix Re imprinting” or “Quantum EFT.” With these specialties, the client can dive deep into a past trauma and alter circumstance in their mind or see things from a different perspective. This enables the client to feel empowered, resourceful, and grateful for the learning that those experiences provided. EFT is a collaborative process. Delia holds a safe, nurturing space for you to explore your past and get the inner wisdom and guidance that is there to serve you so that you can heal in body, mind and soul.

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