Talk Therapy with EFT tapping

I include EFT with individual, couple and family therapy for ultimate results

My goal is to help you feel great!

Do you want to feel great about your life? If you want to take more action and let go of fears, excuses, and pain I can help. If you want to improve your marriage, your family life or your relationship with an aging parent, I can help. I am a marriage and family therapist and a master EFT practitioner. I work with individuals, couples, and families to create change on a mental, physical, spiritual and energetic level.

Therapy For Individuals

Are the media and social media causing you to feel bad about yourself?

Are distractions in your life keeping you from focusing on your goals?

Are your relationships less than satisfying?

Are you stuck in the past or anxious about the future?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are not alone.

It feels like there is a conspiracy to “dumb down” society and keep us in a low level of discontent. It’s important to fight back before the lethargy completely takes over.

Counseling with EFT addresses the issues while improving your energy. When your energetic state is high, reaching your goals feel effortless and fun.

Therapy For Couples

Is there still fun and adventure in your relationship?

Being in nature, exercise, laughter, connection, these are some of the free and easy ways to keep your relationship vibrant and happy.  All relationships take effort to stay fresh and satisfying. There is no shame in getting help to keep a relationship healthy. Even loving couples with a strong bond can get off track once in a while. Contact me to see how counseling with EFT can take your relationship to a new level. It’s a tool you can use to help you get deeper insight into your emotional state and to understand your partner better. Using EFT on a regular basis also helps you stay calm and prevent conflicts.

Therapy For Families

Every generation presents new challenges for families to deal with. Today, I think one of the biggest obstacle to connecting as a family is the abundance of electronic devices. These devices and apps not only keep kids mesmerized (and basically addicted) for hours; they also tempt and distract parents.

We all want to be good parents and we want our children to be happy and well-adjusted. Good intentions are not enough. Sometimes we need help combating all the things that get in the way of a happy family life. I welcome the opportunity to help you sort out the do’s and don’ts and create a more loving parent /child relationship.

I also love to teach kids (and parents) about EFT. It is a fun and easy technique to learn. This tool can help your child self-soothe whenever a difficult situation arises. When children learn to clear strong emotions and allow their energy to flow, the problem will be gone for good. This way they will not carry the emotional baggage into adulthood. That’s why they call it Emotional Freedom Technique.

There is no time like the present. It’s easier to build up and strengthen a child than to repair an adult who feels broken because of a difficult childhood. 

If you live near Newtown, PA, I can come to you. Being in your home environment is the best way to see the dynamics in action.

I Help My Clients With These and Other Concerns




End of life concerns



Life transitions


Relationship with money


Grief and loss

Guilt and shame


Parent / adult child relationships


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