My goal is to help you release blocks that limit success in all areas of your life

You Are The hero of your story



Hi, I’m Delia and I can’t wait to meet you. I love introducing people to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping because they are amazed by how quickly they feel a sense of relief.  

Therapists don’t have all the answers for their clients. Deep down everybody knows how to solve their own problems. However, sometimes they just need a little help. In addition to my training and experience as a marriage and family therapist, I offer the tool of EFT also known as tapping. It’s easy to learn and easy for anyone to use on themselves to help relieve strong emotions. Once the emotions subside, the mind becomes clear and resourceful again.

It’s perfectly okay to feel angry or sad or frustrated as well as excited or joyful. There’s only a problem if the unpleasant emotions control your life. If you are quick to anger and slow to calm down or you stay sad for extended periods of time and it makes the people around you feel sad or helpless that’s not okay. The beauty of having EFT in your toolbox is that when you are ready to change your emotional state, tapping can make it fast and easy. Isn’t it better to be the person who stays calm under fire? Wouldn’t you like to be the voice of reason because you have mastered your emotions? You no longer let the confusion of strong emotions interfere with making great choices. That’s what I want for you, too!

Talk Therapy alone is a slow process if it works at all and this is why:

Human beings evolved by staying safe. From an early age, we develop belief systems and coping skills that protect our bodies and emotional bodies from danger. We have big dreams and we know that we want more in our lives but there are subconscious fears lurking in the back of the mind that try to stop us from taking risks. Risk taking is the opposite of safety. Yet any dream worth fighting for requires some amount of risk. That emotional push forward and pull back keeps us stuck. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (or tapping) can access the subconscious mind and unlock the causes of fear. Then, EFT can retrain the subconscious mind and put it in alignment with the conscious mind; in this way, the whole self works together to achieve the ultimate goals. 


Besides using EFT, These are a few of the ways I’m different from other therapist

1) House Calls – If you are within 10 miles of Newtown, Pa, I’d be happy to come to your home or office. This way you can be more comfortable in your own environment and save the time of traveling to an office. This feature is more inclusive because it takes into account people who have disabilities or have transportation issues. 

2) Online session – Using secure video conferencing is convenient and it allows me to work with clients who are farther away. Also, some people feel more comfortable communicating online than meeting face to face.

3) Pay as you go – Although one minute miracles do occur, most therapy requires multiple sessions before results are seen and felt so consequently many practitioners sell expensive multi-session packages. I charge for one session at a time. The client is free to stop any time they want. So there is no financial risk.


If you are the right client for me then we share these beliefs

There is a divine plan for each of us and we strive to fulfill our destiny.

We greatly value open, honest, and satisfying relationships.

Giving and receiving unconditional love is the goal.

We believe in intuition & synchronicity. The Universe always has our backs.

We know it’s possible to move through life with confidence and joy when we make choices from love and not fear.

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